Movie Bunker Podcast: About Us

People ask me "What is the Movie Bunker Podcast all about?" and I say interesting question, the Movie Bunker Podcast is all about those films that got panned and consigned to the bargain bin. We take those films, dust them off, wipe away their tears and give them a watch and see if there is any redemption to be had or they deserve the lowly reviews afforded to them. Sometimes Matt and Chris get bored of each others ramblings and invite a special guest to come along and bring a film they feel has been unfairly treated by the masses, a guilty pleasure if you will. These guests have included Helen O’Hara, James King, Anna Smith, Boyd Hilton, Joe Simpson, Mark Kermode, Clarisse Loughrey, Adelle Drover, Sam Clements, The Craggus, Marshall Julius, Amon Warmann and many many more.

The Presenters

Chris is a film nut, musician with a love for food and the ridiculous, part time cider maker and overthinker.
Matt is a cookie cutter nerd loving film, games, comics, paste sandwiches and weak lemon squash.